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Adega Rolan


Adega Rolan is a way of being and living inspired by the personality of its founder, Víctor Rolán.

where the vines are lost in the valley

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Info History 3

The winery has been active in wine making since 2002

Adega Rolan is a family business founded by Víctor Rolán and his wife on December 11, 2001, although it was only in 2002 that the winery launched its first wine harvest. Nowadays, it is considered the oldest winery in activity in Valença do Minho and brings together three generations of the Rolán family.
Based on his previous experience in viticulture, the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin and the desire to make his own wines, Víctor acquired a part of the original “Quinta da Pertigueira” in Silva - Valença in northern Portugal, where the river Minho operates as a link between the Galicians and the Portuguese.

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The vineyard

The property where Adega Rolan is located is called Quinta da Pertigueira

The ancient locals say that the "Quinta" belonged to a family in the region for many years and was unfortunately lost by a "vine hut" (gourd used to transport wine or water, also called pilgrim gourd). The initial owners went to buy wine from the farmers in the area and didn't pay for it, so from cabin to cabin, they lost the property.
Quinta da Pertigueira initially had about 12 and a half hectares. Before reaching the hands of the Rolán family, it had two other owners and was divided between children and heirs. In 1995 Victor, who fell in love with the region, its microclimate and its valleys, ended up buying a small part of Quinta da Pertigueira and planting his first vineyard there in Portugal.
Gradually and over time, he bought some neighboring land until he managed to gather the current 4 hectares formed by housing, vineyard and winery. It is a property where there are records that attest to the cultivation of vines dating back to 1951, as an engraving was found in an old tank.

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The vineyard 4
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Respect for origin and biodiversity

Adega Rolan's vineyards are located mainly in Valença do Minho, in the north of Portugal, between two parishes that are Silva and São Julião and Fontoura. It also has vineyards in Vila Nova de Cerveira, specifically in the parish of Cornes.
The elders said that Silva and São Julião produced the best wines in the Viana do Castelo district. We believe that the land is very fertile and the microclimate favors the cultivation of excellent quality grapes.

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Who we are
Who we are
The Founder
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Adega Rolan is more than a cellar or wine brand, it is a way of being and living inspired by the personality of its founder, Víctor Rolán.

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With Galician origin, a person of friendly character, cheerful, positive, intelligent, fighter, visionary, dreamer, but above all noble and with a big heart.

He started working at the age of 14 collecting eels in the Minho River and from there he built his heritage through the purchase and sale of land and later on by planting vines. In 1995 he fell in love with the villages of Silva and São Julião in Valença, where he ended up acquiring Quinta da Pertigueira, where Adega Rolan is based.
A great lover of his land, music and painting, wines have been his great passion for over two decades and walking through the vineyards has always been one of his greatest pleasures.

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