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Fortaleza de Valença Escolha
White Wine Fortaleza de Valença Escolha
5,09 €/un
Minimum quantity: Box of 3 units.Box of 3 pcs
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Happy, open, positive, daring, we know what we want and even more what we don't.

ROLAN is the nickname that defines our family and the personality of our business:

  • We don't follow fashions or trends, we make the wines we like the way we like them. We know we're not going to please every palate, but that's not our intention either;
  • We do not carbonate our wines. We like them as they are, natural, unadulterated. The tiny bubbles that can appear in the glass are those naturally present in wine;
  • We incorporate the least amount of sulfites (sulphur dioxide) possible in the wines. Sulphites are preservatives and their main function is to reduce oxidation;
  • Traffic jam goes hand in hand with sales. When we are low on stock, then we plan a new bottling, so the time the wine spends in the bottle is as short as possible and the sulfites to be incorporated are also the minimum necessary;
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